The February Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

February Horoscopes + Rachel Lang, LVBX Magazine

It’s a new month and time to get some inner insight with the February horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang. Be sure to visit Blissen Up with Rachel Lang to schedule a private session and listen to her live podcast Blissen Up on Fridays at 12pm PST.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Happy birthday! Astrology helps us understand life cycles and seasons. The Sun inhabits a sign for thirty degrees, approximately one month. It takes 360 degrees (and about 365 Earth days) for the Sun’s position to move through each sign of the Zodiac. With each Solar Return (the moment the Sun’s position is the exact same as it was at the time of your birth), you find yourself at the starting point of a new beginning, but with time’s gift of wisdom, you can see from a higher perspective. We spiral through life this way, simultaneously moving upward and returning full circle.

As you start your new Solar year, take some time to close chapters and let go. If the past feels tucked into a hazy cloud of memory, allow it to stay pushed away for a while so that you might move forward. While emotional and grieving processes facilitate spiritual growth, at times you need to focus on the blank canvas of your future. Dream, invent and devise ways for you to thrive.

The month kicks off with a New Moon in your sign on February 8. Its image offers, “a large white dove bearing a message.” The symbolism suggests if you listen carefully to your inner guidance, you might hear a specific calling, a message from the Divine. For some of you, the call may lead you to embark on a new career path. Others might take an astrology course, develop intuitive abilities, or start a spiritual practice. No matter what arouses your interest, understand that your spiritual call could reveal ideas for how you could make a difference in the world.

With the Sun in your sign, this is the perfect time for a makeover or shopping trip. You might also consider having elective surgery after the 16th. Spruce up your appearance in any way possible… when good luck strikes, you want to look your best.

Professionally, you have a surge of energy to animate any new projects or initiatives. You have the potential to take your career to the next level, and to do so, you have to think about ways to build your reputation and achieve more visibility. Embolden yourself, move through resistance and step out on stage, metaphorically speaking. If you have been quietly working in your office with the door closed, consider bringing cupcakes to your co-workers and connect with them over an afternoon break. This is the time to assert yourself, too. You have extra mental capacities and winning ideas after February 13. Ride the wave of this energy to earn respect from supervisors and peers.

On February 16, Venus, the relationship planet, moves into your sign. This could signal the beginning of a new romance. New friendships may have formed, and the expansion of your social circle will allow you to meet someone special who changes the way you see yourself. Take a deep breath, and leap forward in faith. If you are in a relationship right now, this Venus influence could mean a time of a deepened heart connection. Get out of your head, and stay in the feeling of love. Then, open your heart wider than you ever imagined possible. Your partner may surprise you in the best ways.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Your sign’s guiding planet, Neptune, inspires dreams and activates imagination. This planetary influence has prominence in your chart, giving you the exceptional ability to create artistic and expressive masterpieces as well as use your dream space for exploring new possibilities for your life. Future possibilities exist on a spectrum. There are ones already being manifested and others not yet on your path. You hold the key to ensuring your future looks bright. You need to make sure your dreams and imaginings remain focused on your desired intention. Then, commit yourself to opening the path. Believe in yourself and in the goodness of the Universe. You can make anything happen for yourself…and more. Therefore, I urge you to name it. Speak it boldly to the Heavens, and open yourself to receive guidance about the necessary steps to take. Then, say, “This or better.”

I offer this notion because February’s influences may stir doubt. Can you achieve the level of professional success you imagine for yourself? Testing periods function to help you graduate to a new spiritual level. When you find yourself in times of compromised self-esteem, motivate yourself. Pick yourself up and pitch that idea. Embolden yourself. Ask for a promotion, submit your work for award entries or hand in your resume for that dream job.  On February 22, the Full Moon illuminates your winning potential. Work all month long to secure your place at the top.

You might find yourself on the move this month, racking up frequent flyer miles. Each time you leave your familiar and comfortable surroundings, you step into a new adventure. Just say, “Yes!” You never know what kinds of relationships could form. This month in particular, you can forge powerful connections. Explore a sunny destination to help you revive from any winter blues.

The inspirational fire of passion warms your creative center, the sacral chakra, and you will likely find ways to channel this energy into your love life this month. If you are single, Jupiter favorably shines on your relationship sector, suggesting a time of deep spiritual connection. Jupiter and Venus, the relationship planet, join forces on February 9 in a favorable trine. If you are single, try connecting with someone either through a dating app or other type of social engagement. Ask your friends to set you up at the beginning of the month. If you are involved in a relationship, your love can grow and expand exponentially. Celebrate Valentine’s Day all month long with surprises and gifts for your special someone. The love you send out will return if you can willingly receive.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Election seasons bring up the most interesting discourse on social media. Like most of us, you probably have “those” friends who post rants about their opposing candidates and political issues. These kinds of mad ravings trigger indignation for you. You want desperately to fight back, but you know that your ferocity with words has led to drama in the past. How can you focus your message and defend your cause without losing friends? First of all, never fight a lonely battle. Gather allies and support. Secondly, I encourage you to practice this imaginative exercise. Before you type a response or say a word, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Focus all your energy in your heart center. Then, allow every word you communicate to come from that place. Back up every utterance with the vibration of love.

This month’s influences highlight your professional pursuits. Do you seek to reach a larger audience? Consult with social media or marketing professional to gain tips for expanding your reach. The New Moon on February 8 is a powerful influence for you. Connect with groups and organizations. You might consider taking a workshop to improve your public speaking skills and practice your TED talk. Any unexpected miracle could occur for you; therefore, continue to prepare for the goals you intended to manifest.

You have been quite the adventurer, Aries. While you love to get out of town and experience new landscapes, you have a sincere desire for balance and grounding at this time. Perhaps you might find that within your spiritual practice. If you are traveling this month, carry sage spray with you to clear your space. Bring spiritual books to read while in transit. Make time for walks outside to connect with nature. Anchor yourself in love and spiritual bliss to compensate for the demands of your schedule.

Romance may feel like a faraway fantasy at the beginning of the month. After all, you have been quite busy, with little time to spend in the arms of your special someone. Your passion meter is at a low, and relationships feel hard or complicated. You have the power to turn up the heat! If you are single, express your need for freedom and play. You might not have a date for Valentine’s Day, so take advantage of the holiday to connect with other single friends. You could meet some interesting people out and about. If you are in a relationship, nurture that bond. Be your bold, generous, and dynamic self. Surprise your special someone with tickets to a show…or airfare to escape town for the weekend. Make February a month of love by making love as much as possible!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): What will you do with all of your excess energy this month? Born under a sign ruled by Venus, the planet that symbolizes beauty and relaxation, you need work-life balance. However, your recent desire for achievement and success has stirred passion. You are driven beyond your usual expectations. While you have momentum, keep going strong! Find ways to shine in the spotlight. Seek speaking engagements. Consider submitting your résumé to postings on LinkedIn or other job sites. You may even consider starting a blog about your favorite topic.  Follow your passion, and you’ll find inspiration.

As you prepare to embark on a new endeavor, realize your month could feel like one of the “Choose Your Adventure” book. You remember the ones you read in middle school, right? Which path will you take? What storyline will unfold? The future is yours to create. Therefore, take bold risks and lead with your heart. You can always turn back around if the path feels too unsteady.

On February 8, the New Moon signifies a time of powerful energetic downloads. New ideas burst through the clouds of confusion. You are at the top of your game. Others may challenge your authority, but in doing so, they only offer you the opportunity to step up into your role as leader. Do not stand down from the conflict. Speak your truth, and be bold. If you need energetic cheerleading, check out the book “Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges,” by Amy Cuddy.

February is the month during which we celebrate love. Check in with your heart. Are you open to love in all its forms? You have a reputation for being quite self-reliant, and while this is an attribute of strength in character, you may also resist asking for help when you need it. Reach out to friends in the early part of the month, and practice seeking support. You might experience an abundance of love and nurturing from friends, family, and especially your partner. If you are single, get out and date! This month accentuates passion in your romantic life.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Stop everything for a moment. Breathe deeply. With your Gemini energy, you’re always on the move, doing things to better yourself or advance your career. Your social calendar fills months in advance, and your to-do list would make any other sign dizzy. February is the month when we turn a spotlight to the heart and celebrate Valentine’s Day. The heart grows restless in busyness. It only knows to feel and to be. Lead with your heart this month, set the tasks aside, and see what miracles unfold.

Your romantic relationships are getting a makeover this month, and that process begins with your commitment to self-care. Nurture your body with clean food, time at your favorite spa, and gentle workouts. Try not to push yourself to the point of exhaustion. Take time for your spiritual practice, too. Find a good meditation group or other community dedicated to conscious awareness. Then, honor your emotional center with supportive conversations with friends or your alternative health practitioner.

If you are a writer, seek representation for publishing. Refine your craft, and you could receive a favorable endorsement or maybe a book deal. If you own your own business, practice your sales pitch. Luck is on your side in professional undertakings, but you must be prepared to make the most of those unexpected opportunities. After February 16, forge new connections and expand your social network.

Your home environment could use TLC this month. Surround yourself with fresh flowers and decorate for the season of love. This will improve your Feng Shui and get your romantic juices flowing.

In matters of the heart, this month brings deep, intimate connections. If you are single, expect surprises. For those of you who are involved, start planning the next chapter of your relationship. Imagine the possibilities for you and your special someone; your dreamscape is limitless when love has a firm foundation of trust. You are safe. Let go, and together, you can fly!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Someone turn down the intensity! Since January 1, the Universe has had you on a bit of a roller coaster ride. With all of the activity and change that has happened in your life since 2012, you may have never imagined you would need to weather one more cycle of ups and downs. However, you have been refined like a diamond found in the rough. Your edges have been smoothed, and now you sparkle a little brighter. You have become strong, resilient. As a result, your concept of safety may have shifted. No longer do you seek security outside yourself. Rather, you realize that you are always safe within yourself, even when you feel emotionally vulnerable and raw. Celebrate this awareness by opening your heart even wider. Fall in love this February. Let it be an anniversary month that marks a new beginning.

While we have our focus on the subject of love, let’s talk about your romantic life. Power struggles can dissipate when you step out of the dysfunctional patterns of previous relationships. It is simple. Just stop engaging in that unhealthy behavior. You can have the mutually supportive, reciprocal relationship you seek. With the right one, you do not have to compromise your integrity or your self-esteem. You also do not have to play small. The change begins with you. Stand up for yourself. For you single Cancers, be the love you want to experience in your life. Buy yourself roses and start projecting the vibration of love out into the atmosphere. Surround yourself with beauty, and you can clear the path for a new relationship. In the meantime, connect with others for a sweet, gentle Valentine’s Day.

You are the consummate nurturer, and you crave the experience of parenting. You create the perfect nest for your loved ones. Family members who feel alone during this month of love may need a little boost. Send flowers, cards, or even positive vibes. Your small efforts will produce major kudos.

On February 22, the Full Moon in amicable Pisces illuminates your solar house of adventure and long-distance travel. If you are looking for a way to expand your professional network, consider broadening your horizons. Start reaching out into new markets. Feed the urge to explore new territories, and you will awaken awareness of your life’s purpose.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): When the Sun is in Aquarius, the earth inhabits your sign. This influence suggests that you must focus on terrestrial events and circumstances. You might think of these everyday concerns as small matters, insignificant compared to your magnificent dreams and creative endeavors. However, there are great spiritual gifts in small packages. For example, Buddhist monks have used the task of sweeping floors to practice mindfulness. Also, Mary Oliver expressed love through the gift of handpicked berries in her poem, “I Don’t Want to Live a Small Life.” What revelations will you receive today as you sip your coffee, scan your Twitter feed, type a memo, pick up the kids from school, or fold you laundry? I encourage you to make each of these activities a prayer. If you do, you can change the world through each thought, act, and deed.

You were born with a need to express yourself creatively. This is part of your purpose. When you feel creatively blocked or stuck, find inspiration by experiencing work from some of the masters. Explore your local art museum or gallery spaces. Connect with artists, musicians, writers, and performers to reframe your perspective. Even you accountants, physicians, lawyers, domestic engineers, or construction workers need outlets for expression.



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